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This Aint Livin - 2Pac - Новая Фонотека В Кармане


  1. Blowin’ Down the Road (I Ain’t Going to Be Treated This Way) Blowin’ Down This Road. Blowin’ in the Wind. There’s No Livin’ Without Your Lovin’ Новая Фонотека В Кармане. Фонотека В Кармане.
  2. Cause ain't no bucks to stack up, my nuts is backed up I'm bout to act up, go load the Mac up, now watch me klacka Tried makin fat cuts, but yo it ain't workin And Evil's lurking, I can see him smirking When I gets to pervin, so what? Go put some work in, and make my mail, makin sales Risking 25 with a 'L', but oh well [Verse 3: 2Pac].
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  4. Living in a world without you. You told me, my darling, without me, you’re nothing. You taught me, to look in your eyes, and fed me, your sweet lies. Suddenly someone was there in the window, Looking outside at the sky that had never been blue. Oh oh oh oh there’s a world without you. I see the light. Living in a world without you.
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  6. Dec 03,  · Делала Я. Песня- Меланхолия Харухи Судзумии- Год несс.

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