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Quest Of The Moonbreed - Legion Of Sleep


  1. Comment by Caerule This quest sends you into a scenario where you earn your class mount for the hunter. If you could use a boost, make sure to eat and drink from the feast, for the buffs Hunter's Feast and Wildbrew. Odyn also gives you a tip that the beasts are hard to find in the dark, but that you are a master of tracking.
  2. Easy enough quest (was able to solo as a level 9 druid), but the drop rate is awful so expect to be down here for a while - you should kill enough to level, at least. .
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  4. Cryptic Tales is the 32nd questing area in the game (listed as on the map) and becomes available when all sub-quests and boss encounters have been completed on at least normal difficulty in Spirits of the Pumpkin Patch. The quest images are all reused from Clash of the Dragons cards: Cloven.
  5. To complete this quest, you need to kill 4 different demons. Then you loot the head and turn in the quest. The demons will own the [email protected]#$ out of any other class then hunters, with crits seen going up to k. Then all have about 20k health, and have several strength en weakenesses.
  6. Sep 01,  · Here is a guide for the Quest 'In Deep Slumber' where I ran into a little trouble, so after I worked out what was going on I thought i'd make this quick guide to .
  7. International label founded by Eddy Grant and associated with his Blue Wave Recording Studios. Also known as Ice Records, and using ICE Records Ltd. exclusively for company credits. Early Canadian releases use 'Ic' (IC (2)) instead of 'Ice' as label name / logo. Labelcode: LC Related to: .
  8. Aeneas and Sibyl's Quests AQWorlds Wiki» World» Requirements: Must have completed Fotia's Quest. The Underworld Souls linger in these dark depths, currently awaiting judgment. They need your help to find their final resting place. The Legion DoomKnights in Dage's Fortress have been corrupted! Take out 7 of them to return them to the.
  9. Trophy is an achivement reward for House of Thule task called Savior of Sanctum Somnium (40 Points) Navigate to Achievement Window > General and scoll Five from bottom.

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